USPS Policy Regarding Insufficient and Unpaid Postage

    The U.S. Postal Service® has identified a serious issue with insufficient postage being applied to packages using PC Postage. Insufficient postage results from not applying enough postage to the mail piece and is usually the result of incorrect weight or package dimensions. Occasionally, insufficient or unpaid postage is the result of counterfeiting, replicating, duplicating, or otherwise modifying PC Postage labels or indicia.

    The Postal Service is increasing their efforts to identify insufficient and unpaid postage accounts and to recover lost revenue. Please be aware that:

    1. Mailing an item with insufficient or unpaid postage may result in your items being delivered with postage due or being returned to the shipper.
    2. Insufficient or unpaid postage may be deducted from your postage account.
    3. An account with a negative balance that is not resolved within 10 days notification to you may be suspended, upon request by the USPS, from further activity until the deficit is resolved.
    4. Significant quantities of insufficient or unpaid postage items will be referred to the United States Postal Inspection Service® for possible criminal investigation.

    To ensure timely delivery of your items, customers are reminded not to short-pay, duplicate, replicate, or otherwise modify PC Postage indicia or labels and to ensure the weight of the item matches the weight claimed.

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