Message from USPS Regarding Payment Methods

    The Postal Service appreciates your business and thanks you for using our services. We are pleased that you have chosen to use the online PC Postage service of one of our approved vendors, It is one of the many ways that we are striving to make the Postal Service quicker, easier, and more convenient to use.

    The Postal Service is committed to Continuing to provide the highest level of universal service at affordable prices. We are constantly seeking to reduce our cost and grow revenues to meet these objectives. Since the inception of PC Postage in 2000, we have had an agreement with our approved PC Postage vendors to share the costs that we incur in processing the purchase of PC postage using a credit card. We recently changed the portion of those costs that are the responsibility of the vendors and the Postal Service. This change may result in your PC Postage vendor changing the way they do business with you. If there are any such changes, we trust that you will work with to reach a satisfactory arrangement.

    We recognize that you may pay for PC Postage using a credit card or an ACH transaction involving your bank account. We urge you to use the form of payment that is best for you. In making that choice, please keep in mind that it is much more expensive for the Postal Service to process your purchase when you use a credit card than if you use an ACH transaction. Credit card companies typically charge up to 2% or more of the purchase price for processing the transaction, while banks charge less than 0.1% of the purchase price for an average ACH transaction. Please understand that PC Postage vendors and the Postal Service share in covering those credit card transaction costs.